Lead Instructor, Department of Economics, University of Kansas

  • Econ 522: Macroeconomics (Spring 2018 – Present) - The theory of national income and employment, the analysis of aggregate demand, the general degree of utilization of productive resources, the general level of prices, long run economic growth models, and related questions of policy.
  • Econ 520: Intermediate Microeconomics (Fall 2017) - The theory of consumption, production, pricing; resource allocation.

Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Kansas

  • Head Teaching Assistant for Econ 142: Principles of Microeconomics (Spring 2017) - An analytical introduction to microeconomics. Topics include theory of markets, public policy, international trade, economic efficiency, and equity.
  • Econ 144: Principles of Macroeconomics (Spring 2016, Fall 2016) - An analytical introduction to macroeconomics. Topics include determination of aggregate income, employment, inflation, exchange rates, and the role of fiscal and monetary policy in dealing with unemployment, inflation, and economic growth.
  • Econ 104: Introductory Economics (Fall 2015) - An introduction to modern economics designed for students from various academic disciplines . Topics include economic history, the operation of economic institutions, and the formation and execution of economics policies to meet the current problems of the domestic and international economy.

Lecturer, Department of Economics, North South University, Bangladesh (2011-2015)

  • Eco 101: Introduction to Microeconomics (Summer 2011, Fall 2011) - An introduction to the methods and principles of microeconomics. Topics include markets; theory of consumer behavior; production theory; costs of production and market structure; efficiency in allocation and production
  • Eco 104: Introduction to Macroeconomics (Summer 2011 - Summer 2014) - This course introduces the principles of macroeconomic analysis, its analytical methods with current institutional and empirical issues. Topics include different methods of national income accounting; issues relating to unemployment, inflation; determination of output, price level, money and banking; monetary and fiscal policies; budget and trade deficits; and exchange rate
  • Eco 134: Applied Mathematics I (Spring 2012 - Summer 2015) - This course is designed to help students understand mathematical theories and principles required to conduct quantitative analysis within a broad interdisciplinary framework. Topics include different types of functions (properties, graphs and applications), partial and general market equilibrium, continuity and differentiability of a function and matrix algebra.
  • Eco 244: Applied Mathematics II (Spring 2013 - Summer 2015) - This builds on the mathematical concepts obtained in Applied Mathematics I (Eco 134). Major topics will include Optimization of linear and non-linear functions, Constrained Optimization, Production functions, Integral calculus, Differential Equations and so on.